Monday, February 28, 2011


I was inspired to write this blog post by the wonderful women who have shared their very personal and painful stories with me. Infertility and miscarriage seem to be four letter words. When it has happened to you understandably it is extremely painful to talk about. When you are the one going through it, it seems most people just avoid the issue and find it difficult to be supportive. I have chosen to be very open during this journey in hopes that our story may help another couple who is struggling. Those of you who know us best are very much aware that we have been struggling to have a baby. We have recently gone through two cycles of fertility treatments that were unsuccessful. Due to the horrific side effects I had to end the treatments. Now it is back to all of my natural methods of making this happen, which I prefer. I am happy to be coming down from the roller coaster ride of emotions that the hormones took me on. As a much needed comic relief, my dad sent us these fertility dolls pictured above from Mexico. He is spending the winter there and apparently the whole town swears by them. They are very entertaining. I have created a sacred space for them in our home, and I rub their bellies everyday for good luck as if they are Buddha. Each day when I am feeling stresses over all of this, I go look at these dolls and get a good laugh. 
Thanks Papa!