Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Delilah: 11 Months

Delilah's 1st birthday is just 24 days away!

Good thing that we had a professional photo shoot this month because trying to take Delilah's 11 month photo was almost impossible. She is so fast, so funny and full of personality. She made this out to be a fun game of making mom chase her all around her room. 

Movement: She is still crawling very fast, standing up and taking a step or two before getting so excited over standing that she falls down and laughs hysterically. She is cruising on any piece of furniture or item that we will let her. The vacuum is her new favorite way to get around. Maybe she will love to clean like her daddy. We have been giving her more freedom to roam and she is getting into absolutely everything. Baby proofing has been taken to a whole new level and the house is going on the market in the spring, we have outgrown it. Her dance moves are very entertaining. The minute she hears music, she shakes her booty. She has moves like Elvis and I have no idea where they came from. 

Words/Babble: Momma is still her most spoken word. She now says papa and dada daily which especially thrills Patrick. He will walk in the door and she will crawl to him, give him a big smile and a hug and say "Hi Papa". It melts us both. When she eats she says "yum, yum" and when she is thirsty or sleepy she says "baba". On Thanksgiving day while visiting my moms she said "grandma" while playing with my mom and repeated it 5 times. We are working on puppy & Ellie. She currently just squeals like crazy in excitement when interacting with the puppy. 

Play: Delilah loves to play with her toys and throw them all out of her playpen. She thinks that is the best game ever. Anything that she can beat like a drum and make loud noise with rocks her world. Anything musical that she can dance along with also provides tons of fun and entertainment. I love watching her play when she doesn't know that I am watching. Each day she interacts more with her toys and stuffed animals. It is adorable. 

Food: This girl loves to eat. If you are eating in front of her you better be willing to share. Broccoli and bananas are her favorite finger foods. We still haven't pin pointed if dairy & grains are an issue or not. We continue to re-introduce and eliminate them from her diet. Patrick still makes her delicious baby food blends of fruits and vegetables. 

I just can't believe that my next milestone post will be her 1st birthday. We are so very lucky to have this sweet baby girl in our life.