Monday, November 5, 2012

Look who is 10 months old!

Delilah is 10 months old today!

For as long as I carried her in my belly, she has now been a part of our world! 40 weeks! I felt like I was pregnant forever. Maybe because she took so long to conceive, maybe because I didn't feel great most days or maybe because she is our 1st and I have been waiting for her for as long as I can remember. 

She is full of giggles. Hours and hours of giggles. This girl knows how to have a good time and she now wants/needs constant entertainment. She gets a little nervous at first in front of a crowd and may even show you her bottom lip, but give her a few minutes and she really turns it on. 

She is still crawling at a high rate of speed and practicing her walking skills. She walks all around the furniture and wants to climb everything. When she holds our hands to walk, she takes off running. We have been busy rearranging furniture and opening up as many spaces as we can. 

Her hair is looking more golden to me with a tint of auburn. The blue in her eyes is fading away and green seems to be her dominant eye color. She is still not as tall as everyone thought she would be. She stays around the 50% range with each visit. The pediatrician is still expecting her to have a big leap in the charts every time he looks up at Patrick. She is 18lbs and right around the 20% range which is a increase from 10% at 6 months. 

She still has an issue with dairy and oats and has to go see the allergist. She has 3 teeth which have disrupted her fantastic sleep pattern. We have been trying to get her back on track and I'm sure once she starts sleeping though the night again more teeth will be on the way to disrupt her again. 

Everyday is so much fun with this little one. She has grown and changed so much over the months I can only imagine what 1 year will bring. I'm sad to see my little baby turn into a toddler, but I'm also excited for all that her toddler years will bring.