Thursday, September 29, 2011

3rd Trimester

Oh my ... trimester 3!!!! I'm so excited! I feel like I am in the home stretch. Trimester 3 has not greeted me very nicely, but either did trimester 1 or 2. I'm so very sleepy. I felt this way in the first trimester. The kind of tired that you never thought was possible. I have been sleeping in and taking naps daily. I feel like a bear in hibernation. I want so much to have tons of energy and be able to get everything in order for the baby's arrival. The baby's room is still under construction, so the things that I can do like decorate and organize are currently on hold. I'm stressed out about that because I just want to be as prepared as possible, but I'm trying my best to be patient with my hard working husband. The old floor has been removed and the new hardwood floors have been put in. Construction on the bay window seat has begun and is almost complete. There have been many, many trips to home depot and Lowe's. We have picked out a paint color and purchased the paint and painting supplies. I think it is very sweet to see Patrick building his baby girl a beautiful nursery. He is not enjoying all of the extra work very much, but I know when it is complete he will be so proud of the special room he built his baby girl.

I'm working on my wife and motherly skills. I am lucky to have a husband who grocery shops and cooks, but I'm sure that he would also enjoy having his wife do those things for him. Lately I have been meal planning, grocery shopping, preparing dinner and even doing some baking. Yesterday I actually looked up recipes and went grocery shopping with a list. While Patrick worked on the baby's room, I made Cesar salad, spinach and ricotta ravioli and banana bread. Everything turned out really good and I was so excited and exhausted. I love that my house still smells like fresh baking banana bread.

After dinner we watched Lincoln Lawyer which is a fantastic movie.

Today is officially my last day of work. A couple of weeks ago my Dr. told me that it was time to call it quits, but my plan was to make it to October 1st and I had some clients pre-booked for their final massages before I went on leave. I did follow Dr.'s orders and close up any of my available time that was still open. I have been taking it pretty easy since my body is not allowing me much energy to do too much. 

As my due date gets a bit closer, I am getting slightly nervous that I am going to go into labor and I am going to be home alone. I really don't want to drive myself to the hospital while in labor in the middle of a snow storm. Hopefully that will not be the case and this little girl will give us some notice. She's a little trickster though so I'm sure it will be an eventful day.

Playing with her big foot!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Anniversary!

As our anniversary was approaching, we started talking about ideas of how we would celebrate. We are both craving a vacation, but flying is not an option for us right now with the early contractions. We thought about taking a little road trip for a weekend getaway, but we just got back from a road trip down south that my body is still sore from. So we decided to stay in town, enjoy a weekend home together and go out to dinner at Ditka's. 

We had a lovely weekend at home together and a fantastic date night out on Saturday. On Saturday morning Patrick made us a fantastic breakfast, and I returned the favor on Sunday morning. Patrick spoiled me big time with an AMAZING anniversary gift, and I surprised him with a gift that he was really excited about also. I've already been told not to expect gifts like this every year.

 We are so blessed to have such a wonderful marriage full of so much love. I'm so excited for everyday that we have together and for all of the blessings that our future holds.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A little bit of pregnancy humor: Soccer balls & Eggplants

As I was reading about my 25th week of pregnancy, I found out that my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball, and my baby is now the size of an eggplant. Along with the two melons that I have been carrying around most of my life, I've got a whole lot of business going on up front.

I have a feeling that this pregnancy is going to be going from cute to freakish real fast.

As I was walking up the stairs over the weekend, my husband was standing at the top and said "why are you so out of breath"? Gee I don't know maybe it's the soccer ball uterus, eggplant baby and melons that I'm carrying around all day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Exciting things are happening around here. I have entered into my 7th month, and now that it is starting to feel like fall outside, I am realizing that our baby will be arriving soon. I think that she is loving this fall weather as much as I am. She has been super active doing flip flops and bouncing off of my bladder. Patrick was finally able to feel her movement and she put on a show for him. She is moving around so much that my entire belly moves with her. I have been surprised at how intense some of her movements are now that she is growing fast. I can't imagine what this is going to feel like over the next couple of months. It really catches me off guard sometime. 

Patrick has started construction in the baby's nursery and I am so excited over the progress so far. He took the carpet out, which was only put in 5 years ago when the house was built, but we don't care for carpet. It took many talks to convince him that we did not need carpet in her room and that in my opinion hardwood floors would be better. I think that he agreed all along, but was just not looking forward to all of the work. Last week when we removed all of the furniture and carpet from the baby's room, Ellie-Mae was devastated. She loves to lounge in the guest bed during the day, and stand on the Orchid table and look out the window. Now as Patrick has been installing the hardwood floors she stands in the room and gives him her sad face. I don't know what she thinks is going on in there, but I know that she is going to be very happy with the finished product, especially the bay window seat. 

The construction has been very loud, but I know that it is going to be beautiful. I really can't complain since I managed to take a nap throughout Patricks labor intensive work. He is sore from head to toe, but I know in the end he is going to be so proud to see what he build his baby girl. 

Yesterday I discovered the new Pumpkin Cream Frappuccino from Starbucks and I've got to tell you it is out of this world. This is a coffee free version, but they have a coffee version for you coffee lovers. I'm still waiting for Jamba Juice to bring back their pumpkin smoothie that I fell in love with last year. They tell me that it comes back out this coming week. I love to eat pumpkin, I love to smell pumpkin and I love the look of pumpkins. No this is not a pregnancy thing, it's a fall in the midwest kinda thing.

We started our day today with a trip to the farmers market. Well I actually started my day with some french toast topped with bananas. I love the Frankfort farmers market. It is such a cute town, and the people are so nice and friendly. We always bring Ellie with us, and she gets so much attention. There are always lots of other dogs, and today Ellie was behaving a little badly. Lucky for her I still bought her some of her favorite treats from the dog treat man. He makes human grade, homemade dog treats that Ellie is crazy about. We always get her the pumpkin, she loves pumpkin too and it is so good for dogs. Today she got a bag of banana treats also. She loves fresh bananas so I have a feeling that these are going to be a big hit. I am a sucker for homemade jams and today they had pumpkin butter. I'm a big fan of Trader Joe's pumpkin butter and I'm interested to see how the two compare. 

Every once and a while we like to have what we call sandwich Sundays. Today after the farmers market, it seemed like a good day for sandwich Sunday and the bears game. We picked up all of our favorite sandwich must haves, and headed home for sandwiches and the bears. As I as washing the lettuce, the 9/11 tribute at the opening of the game started. I have been a bit on a 9/11 overload this week with all of the coverage, but I've got to say this one really got me. I was standing over the sink hysterical while washing lettuce. Patrick came in from a walk with Ellie and he was very concerned. Then I pointed to the TV and he got it. It was moving and very beautiful. I love football season, and today was a great game. I have to admit, I fell asleep around half time, but I was really happy when I woke up in the 4th quarter. 

Patrick is back to work in the baby's room, and I took some time to read my breastfeeding book "So That's What There For" which is terrifying and entertaining all at the same time. 

I have 10 more work days and then I am done. I have to say that I am pretty excited about this. My baby bump is in full force and I'm ready to take a break. Other than the growth of my bump, I would have to say that this past 4 weeks has been my best yet. I still deal with everyday symptoms, but things that I have excepted like heartburn that will just never go away. My doc had me up my minerals and I'm convinced that it has helped with the leg cramps. Don't get me wrong, I still ache all over, but thanks to calcium, magnesium, potassium, my chiropractor and massage therapist I'm not feeling so bad. Trimester 3 is right around the corner so I'm going to keep on moving around as much as I can now before it becomes impossible. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ellie-Mae's 1st slumber party

Ellie-Mae & Heidi
Ellie-Mae loves company. Especially company from my mom, dad, Patrick's dad and my dads doberman Heidi. Ellie gets overly excited when one or all of her favorite people come over for a visit. My dad went off sailing, and Heidi came to stay with us for 5 days. Ellie & Heidi have had many play dates, but this was their 1st slumber party. I'm not sure who has been enjoying this more, Ellie, Heidi or Patrick. These girls are absolutely adorable together, and they absolutely love Patrick. They follow his every move, and shower him with affection. 

Patrick and Heidi bonded over 3 years ago when we were visiting my dad in South Carolina. Patrick had never been around a doberman, and he had always had male dogs. A few months later, we were in the Florida Keys visiting my dad and Patrick got the swine flu. Our 1st night there, he got really sick and had a really high fever. Heidi, who was a huge part of my dads recovery from cancer and his greatest nurse during his chemo treatments, jumped into bed with Patrick and snuggled up next to him to heal him. Patrick became fascinated with Heidi, and she was a big part of Patrick agreeing that we could get a dog, a female dog and a doberman. We searched for a long time for our puppy and new the moment that we met Ellie that she was ours. She is not a doberman however, she is a coonhound. 

Getting cozy

Now, back to the slumber party. When we brought Heidi home on Friday, Ellie was a little confused that Heidi was here and my dad was not. Ellie is still hyper at times, and slowly growing out of her puppy antics. She is definitely a spoiled, only child and has the behavior at times to prove it. Ellie was very territorial over her mom, dad and entire house which she thinks that she owns every inch of. She was thrilled to have Heidi here, but she was not about to let her out of her sight. Heidi is the sweetest dog you will every meet. She just wants to be by your side and give love and be loved. She will play with Ellie, but she lets Ellie know when she has had enough. 

When it was time for bed, Ellie got very confused. Ellie-Mae always follows us into the bedroom, washes up for bed with us (she brushes her teeth before bed and her face in the sink) and then hops right into bed between us. 

Brushing her teeth
Washing her face

When Heidi also followed us into the bedroom Ellie was not enthused. Heidi snuggled up on the floor in Ellie's bed that she never sleeps in and Ellie kept her eye on Heidi's every move. Ellie kept jumping from the bed to the floor and basically kept me up all night. At this point in my pregnancy I'm basically up all night having to pee, but I didn't need two dogs following me to the bathroom every 30 minuets. Patrick of course slept peacefully. 

After a long night for us three/four(baby) girls, Ellie had Patrick up at 6am for their morning walk. Patrick took the girls on a nice long walk, and thankfully I went right to sleep. When they came back in they were so sleepy that they all went to nap in the living room with Patrick. 

Playing with Patrick

They spent the rest of the day napping, playing nice and being absolutely adorable. Ellie loves to go for walks around the neighborhood and get tons of attention. Anyone who doesn't give her attention, she barks at and terrifies. These two were like conjoined twins for their 5 days together. Each day they were snuggling more and more, and we started to have a feeling that there was going to be some serious depression on Wednesday morning when my dad came to pick up Heidi. 

Getting some afternoon sun

Wednesday morning came and both girls were thrilled to see my dad walk in the door. Ellie of course again, way overly excited. He stayed for a few hours and when Ellie realized that he was leaving and Heidi was going with him, the devastation began. Ellie has a way of looking at you that can just break your heart. She gave me that look and it brought tears to my eyes. She snuggled up to me for a little bit, and then when to the front window and stared out the window waiting to see if Heidi would be returning. My dad called later that night to tell us how depressed Heidi was. These girls are going to have to get a bunch of play dates in before my dad and Heidi are off to California for the winter. Oh and now Patrick wants to get a 2nd dog. I'm thinking that having this baby first might be a better idea.