Friday, May 18, 2012

Time to eat, with a spoon!

We were very much looking forward to Delilah's 4 month check up, other than the shots. This was the first time that I was taking her without Patrick joining us and I had knots in my stomach as we were on our way. Her pediatrician is fantastic, and as soon as we got into the office I was feeling much better. Delilah was having so much fun flirting with her Dr. until he broke her heart by giving her a few shots to the legs. She went from a huge smile and giggles to a scream and serious tears within the blink of an eye. By the time I got her dressed, she was back to smiling. 

We went straight home and got into bed for a nap. When we woke up, Delilah's left eye was swollen, red and tearing. I wasn't sure if it was a reaction to the shots, or just a coincidence with timing and something else was going on. She was happy and smiling and didn't seem to be bothered by what was going on. Shots make me so nervous and uncomfortable. There is really no good way around them. She seems to have strange reactions after her shots, but the alternative to not being vaccinated could be much worse. 

I washed her hands and face, and flushed out her eye. After that it was much better for about an hour when it swelled up and started tearing again. I called over my fantastic friend and neighbor Erin who has a 1yr old and a 3yr old, and we all decided that Delilah was ok and we would see if it was still a problem the next morning. By morning she was fine, and it has not returned. The next morning, Patrick took the band aides off her legs and she had two big red lumps where the needles went in. Poor baby. These shots aren't going to get any easier for either of us.

Delilah is growing beautifully. She is long and lean just like her daddy. She has consistently been in the 75th percentile in height. At four months she measured 25 inches. Her weight was in the 32nd percentile at 12lbs 15oz., and she has a perfectly round head. 

We were given the go ahead to start feeding Delilah baby cereal. Our pediatrician recommended that we go with oatmeal or barley as they are less binding. On Mother's day, Delilah had her 1st feeding of baby oatmeal and she loved it. We have so much fun every morning at breakfast. Delilah has been eyeing our food for a while now, and she was so ready and so excited to try something new and from a spoon. I'm very excited to introduce her to baby sweet potato's next in a couple of weeks. I think that she is going to love them. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Look who is 4 MONTHS!

Delilah is 4 MONTHS OLD! 

Well another month has gone by and once again I feel like it really flew by. Maybe even more so this month since we have been pretty busy. This past month, Delilah attended her first 1st birthday party, her first baby shower, she changed the world at her first cloth diaper change, where she broke a Guinness book world record and she went on her first road trip down south. All events, a great success.

She smiles and flirts even more often, she rolls over onto her belly from her back and likes it now, she baby babbles all day long, she reaches for her toes grabs on and rolls and she still snuggles and cuddles and fills the world with lots of love. 

Teething time has hit us and it breaks our hearts to hear her babble in distress. She looks at us with the saddest face and pouts out her bottom lip as she babbles on about how uncomfortable she is. She chews on her hands and drools all over to sooth herself. We have tried different teething rings and things, but she seems to get frustrated by them and drops them for her hand or a washcloth. After a few long days of teething, I have started giving her Gripe water and rubbing clove oil on her gums to help her pain and it seems to give her a couple of hours of relief. Hopefully her gums will give her a break soon.

She seems to be getting so tall so fast. My sweet little 4 month old is no longer a teeny, tiny baby. She has her 4 month check up this week and we are looking forward to hearing her stats, but not looking forward to another round of shots.