Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Due Dates

Even though most babies are not born on their actual due date, we have been given 3 so you would think that she would arrive on or around one of them. My doctor thought that I would go into full labor a little early, right around Christmas, since I was having very early contractions and since my husband is so tall the doctor was anticipating a big baby. 

Today is the earliest due date that we were given and due date #1 from our doctor. I had my heart set on this one since it is the earliest date, and in December. 

Is our 2nd due date that we were given from the doctor. This due date came from the 1st ultrasound at 8 weeks. January 1st is my favorite day of the year. I love a new beginning. Having the baby on this day sure would make for a great start to the year. 

This is our 3rd due date. This date came from the digital fertility monitor that we used to get pregnant. This is probably the most reliable due date since it pinpointed our exact day of conception. This is also my husbands birthday and I'm pretty sure that just like our dog, our baby girl is also a daddy's girl. I think it would be very special if they shared their birthday, but I hope that she does not make me suffer another week. 

   My mom was planning on driving in today, but the snow down south has made for a change of plans. So tomorrow, my mom will be driving in and my dad will be arriving from California. Hopefully their arrivals will be just what the baby has been waiting for. 

   We had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago that the doctor ordered to check on her size. On Dec. 14th they estimated that she was about 7 pounds. They said she would average about a 1/2 pound gain per additional week. So now we are looking at 8 pounds. Oh and they said give or take a pound which means that she could be 9 pounds. This was the first ultrasound that we really got a good look at her, and that they were able to say that she is definitely a girl. She looks so much like Patrick and his dad. She even seems to have his beautiful eyelashes and a whole lot of hair. Oh and apparently she is a smoker. Seriously why does she look like she is wearing an outfit and smoking?

Looking at this makes me want her in my arms right now.

Friday, December 9, 2011


I am so very excited to be so close to the arrival of our baby girl. I'm sure that this is about the time that I should start panicking about the delivery, but I really haven't yet. I think that I should so I can go ahead and get that out of the way now. I'm nervous about possibly being alone and going into labor while Patrick is downtown on a job site. This week has been eventful, just like just about every other week of my pregnancy. I have been experiencing just about every symptom that occurs as the labor process begins. My baby bump has dropped so low that it looks totally different now. The drop has been a blessing to my esophagus. I can now turn in bed without throwing up, and even almost sleep without sitting straight up. Last night I was even able to have a little sweet basil marinara sauce on my spinach ravioli. I have missed tomatoes so very much among many other foods and drinks that I have had to completely avoid.

The baby is now super low, I'm talking as low as she can go. Her movements have changed. She has always been very active, and now she has slowed her activity. When she moves it is more of a hard, heavy "get me out of here" nudge. My entire belly swings and you can see exactly where she is pocking me. Every movement feels like she is going to push herself right out. I'm pretty sure that she is not Hercules and that will not happen, but she sure is trying hard.

I have cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more. Our house is always clean (because my husband is a clean freak and loves to clean) so there is really nothing more for me to clean. He always cleans over my work anyways. Like when I clean the counters I catch him doing it minuets after me because apparently my form left streaks in the granite. I don't see any streaks or smudges. I do however avoid the glass and stainless steal because I will make it look worse. He also rearranges the dishes in the dishwasher every day. So after cleaning and organizing the baby's clothes and cloth diapers, I have moved on to organizing everything else in the house that I can find to organize or clean out. I get aggravated when my body starts to fall apart and I have to sit down. I'm so tired of sitting around. I have never craved an intense workout so bad in my life. My legs have been so restless it's almost unbearable. I hope that after the baby is born that I still have the strong desire to exercise. I have never appreciated my pre-pregnancy body more than now.

Tomorrow there is a full moon. Some say that the full moon brings on labor. I say bring it on moon.