Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smile for the camera

Delilah has been a busy little girl this week. On Monday we did some shopping to make sure that I had every possible outfit that I could put her in for her 6 month photo session. I already had about 10 options at home, which was already about 7 more than I needed, but I just felt that I might see something that I couldn't live without. We ended up coming home with 3 more options. 

On Tuesday morning we were up early, as usual... and going over her wardrobe options. Thankfully, Delilah loves playing dress up. We made sure that her belly was nice and full and that she had a nice long nap. Her photo shot was at 11:30 and she was full of smiles all morning. This baby smiles all day and all night.

We got her dressed in outfit #1 and set her into place and she gave us 1 adorable smile. It melted my heart and I knew that once again this was going to be an amazing session. Well it was an amazing session.... but that 1 smile was possibly the only one that she gave us. 

We were outside, she loves to be outside, but she was mesmerized by everything surrounding her especially the grass. After posing with her blank stare supermodel look she decided to take a nap in the grass. She put her thumb in her mouth and went to sleep. She was done modeling. Even though we couldn't get as many poses and looks that we would have liked, what she just did was adorable. Just like that 1 big smile this melted my heart and made for a great photo. 

I can't wait to share her 6 months photos with you all as soon as we receive them. 

Monday, July 2, 2012