Saturday, August 18, 2012

7 Months Old!

Our sweet girl is 7 months old and she is on the go! She is in constant movement. I cherish our morning snuggles now more than ever because the older she gets, the less snuggling time is in our day. She still wakes up with a sweet, sweet smile and wants to snuggle with momma. Patrick gets a little snuggle time in when she wakes up at 5am for a morning feeding and snuggle with papa before he has to leave for work. 

After her 5am feeding she goes back to sleep usually instantly. Some days she will stay up until 6 or even 7 before going back to sleep. Then around 8:30am she is up and ready to roll... Literally. This girl loves to roll around. She can crawl when she wants to. Mostly backwards, but once she starts to go forward she realizes that rolling gets her to where she wants to be faster. 

Between 9-9:30 she has breakfast. Usually consisting of some delicious fruit blends. Mango banana is currently rocking her world. After breakfast she stays in her highchair and watches sesame street while momma makes herself a protein drink, feeds the dog and gets ready for the day. 

Now that we have had a break in the weather, we have been able to once again enjoy outdoor activities. We love play dates with my girlfriends and their children. The older girls ages 1-3 love baby Delilah. We go to the children's museum, Morton arboretum, zoo and the little red schoolhouse. All fun, educational places where the moms can get some fresh air, exercise and some much needed girl time. 

Crib time is very difficult. ALL Delilah wants to do in her crib is STAND and soothe her gums on the iron bars. It doesn't matter how sleepy she is. She thinks that her crib is the worlds best playground and she is so amused with herself and all of her talents in her crib. Since the picture was taken, we have now moved her mattress down to the lowest setting. She can still stand up.

Delilah is an absolute joy to be around and I can not believe how quickly time is going by. She is hitting milestone after milestone which excites us but also makes us realize how quickly she is growing up. Next month is going to be another exciting month. Delilah now has a new baby cousin and we will be taking Delilah on her first airplane ride to California to meet my brothers daughter Easton Amiko! 

Easton Amiko May

Sunday, August 5, 2012

6 Months - Professional Photo shoot

July was a very hot, busy, eventful and exciting month. July started off with little miss Delilah entering her 6th month. Six months old called for another amazing professional photo shoot with Gina Cristine. It was another hot July day. All morning Delilah was full of smiles and excitement. We arrived at Gina's studio and Delilah made an entrance with her big smile and extensive wardrobe. We got all of our looks together and headed outside in downtown Frankfort to start the session. 

These were the first few shots. I melted. This baby is the sweetest!

After all of the excitement over the first few minuets, 4 faces gushing over her and I'm sure the heat, Delilah decided that she was going to make the rest of this photo shot a little difficult. If we wanted a smile from now on we were going to have to work real hard for it. 

From the pink chair we went to the grass which Delilah is still trying to figure out. She isn't sure if she likes it or not. She really wants to eat it and isn't happy that I will not let her. 

Success! Next up... wardrobe change. This baby LOVES her clothes and thankfully loves wardrobe changes. 

When I came across this pale purple sunsuit, Delilah had to have it. Even though it was much too big for her, we made it work.

Thumb sucking has started which means one thing.... Delilah is ready for a nap. Oh no! We better get a move on. Time for our third look and Delilah's very special quilt that Grandmother Vicki made. 

Delilah decided that this was a perfect place for a nap.

Well that was absolutely adorable but sorry Delilah... we are on a tight schedule and I'm determined to get some more shots. Up you go. 

Since she was so sleepy I didn't push for a wardrobe change just yet. We took a little walk to a new location and crossed our fingers that Delilah would turn it back on and guess what, she did!

Well looks like we have a second wind coming on. Wardrobe change anyone? Here is her final look.

Oh wait... There is one more look. I had to have a naked baby shot.

These images are just a sampling of her 6 month photo shoot collection. It absolutely amazes me what Gina can do in less than an hour with a sleepy 6 month old who had four wardrobe changes.