Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catching up! A tiny update and our March through photographs.

Wow, the month of April is flying by. I don't always like when time seems to go so fast, but right now, I welcome it. I have been quiet on here since starting this round of clomid (fertility drugs) on March 31st. It has been going well and I think I have been a bit superstitious to talk about it. We will know soon if this round was a success. We are feeling very hopeful. 

As April is coming to a quick end, I realized that I did not post a March in review through photographs. Here are some of our March highlights. 

 We enjoyed the last couple of big snow storms

We kept warm with fun play dates with our friends

We rediscovered the great outdoors as a touch of spring hit the air. This was the 1st time that Delilah rode her trike outside. She has been practicing inside since Christmas and to our surprise she rode it right out the front door and kept on going down the sidewalk. 

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day at the parade 

We ended the month of March with an amazing photo shoot and play date with Snuggles the Bunny. Happy Spring! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Twelve in 2014 - April

12 in 2014

 A Portrait Project

We had one of those weekends last weekend that just makes you feel so alive after a very long cold and dark winter. Spring keeps trying to appear and we are so grateful for days like these when we can enjoy the outdoors and fresh spring air. 

Spring awakening 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hopeful & optimistic as we begin our new fertility plan

Mondays... I love them, always have. Yesterday (Monday) was the 31st of March. I consider the 31st of March to be the official end of winter. I am usually a BIG fan of winter. This winter was a bit of a challenge though for many reasons. 

Yesterday, was the beginning of our new fertility plan. I love that it just happened to fall on a Monday. My fertility specialist wanted my body to have three months to heal after our loss before we started up treatment. So here we are, three months later with a fresh new plan. 

This is the plan that I have been putting off. Clomid... the fertility drug that I had a few rounds with when trying for Delilah and then went off of due to extreme side effects. It has been a little over three years since I have been on this drug. I have given birth to Delilah and experienced a loss since then. I now believe that whatever side effects come my way with this drug, I can make it through. 

Yesterday, I had an ultrasound to check that my ovaries are clear and healthy before starting up a drug to stimulate them. Good news, my ovaries are clear. I also had a series of blood draws to check my vitamin D levels, hormone levels and thyroid among other things.

I wasn't surprised when I got the call that I have a vitamin D deficiency. I'm sure the majority of people living in the Chicago land area could use some extra D right now.  I made an attempt at getting some D and exercise today while taking Delilah for a stroll and out for some park play. Unfortunately the extreme cold wind had me so bundled up that I couldn't have soaked up the sun. I'll keep taking my supplements and keep trying to get out for some sunny strolls. I ran home from the park pushing the stroller with the wind at my face forcing me back. So I successfully accomplished a good workout and a windburned face. 

Back to Monday, last night was day one of five days of clomid. I take it at bedtime so I had a few hours to get myself to a really positive & relaxed place before my first dose. I made myself a cup of hot tea and ran myself a bath. Unfortunately we have been hit by a nasty cold in our house and all three of us are fighting it together. The energy level around here has been pretty low. To my surprise, Delilah decided that she wanted to bathe me. It was one of the sweetest things ever. She did everything for me that I do for her when she takes a bath. Not only was it incrediably sweet, it was super relaxing. Spa like relaxing. 

After Pat and Delilah were all tucked in bed, I sat and had a moment with my pill. I came to realize that I have to find a way to love this drug. I have to believe that this drug is going to bring us to the place of a healthy pregnancy & the birth of our child. I said a few words and swallowed it down. 

This morning when I woke up, I didn't seem to have any negative side effects. This cold is still dragging me down, but the side effects that I recall from my last time around with clomid have not been an issue today. I'm a bit nauseous, a little crampy and very sleepy. All things that I can handle today. 

So today, April 1st, we are feeling hopeful & optimistic as this stage of our treatment begins.