Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 5 - A leisurely Day

Day 5 was our last full day on Mexico. We didn't make any big plans, we just wanted to have a very leisurely and relaxing day. I started off my day with another Amazing massage. It is so nice to just wake up in the morning and walk out onto your patio and receive the most Fantastic massage. This is a luxury that I would definitely love to have every day. As I received my massage Patrick walked with the dogs and went for a swim in the pool. After my massage I met Patrick and my dad poolside and we enjoyed some watermelon. 

After a very peaceful morning, we headed through Tulum on our way to a very beautiful and deserted beach. I loved the drive through Tulum. This was the very eco-friendly/beachy/Hippie part of Tulum with all of the cute cafes, shops, yoga studios and accommodations. As we headed out of town, we entered a road that would become my worst nightmare. I'm not sure that it is a road at all. My dad cruises down this so called road in his jeep with no problems. Well we were in our rental car and it wasn't really working out for us. The holes in the road were larger than any pot hole in Chicago that I have ever seen. My peaceful adventure was momentarily interrupted by what felt like the longest ride down the most awful road followed by a mild panic attack. Finally, we arrived and I have to say it was worth it.

I'm so grateful that we were able to stand on this piece of the earth and see the world from this perspective. I can't imagine that too many people journey down this road, and hike through the jungle to come across this deserted beach. I'm glad that we were some of the lucky few. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mexico - Day 4 Continued

After our fantastic snorkeling adventure, we headed back to rinse off and change for our next adventures. After a quick change, we were on our way to Playa Del Carmen for lunch. It is amazing to me how each town is so completely different from the next. Playa Del Carmen is definitely an exciting town full of action. Not the type of place that you may find totally peaceful and relaxing, although their were people getting massages on the deck we were having lunch on. This is definitely more of a people watching, party beach.  If this is what it is like at 3pm I can't image what it is like at 10pm. 

After a wonderful lunch, we were on our way to Xcaret. Xcaret is an eco-archeological park on 12 acres of the Mayan Riviera. Just about anything that you could possibly think about doing or seeing in Mexico is here. We came for the show on the Mayan Culture, but we had a couple of hours to walk around the park before the show began. 

Butterfly Garden

Burial Grounds
Cave under burial grounds - that is all wax it was very beautiful

After spending some time walking these impressive grounds, we entered the Colosseum for a wonderful performance by some very talented locals. The performance started with the beginning of the Mayan culture, up to modern day living. My dad and I have always loved to go to performances like this, and this one was another great show. 

We started this day waking up in our beautiful villa at Villas Flamingo on the beach. We spent the morning and early afternoon snorkeling the lagoon in Akumal. We experienced a little taste of the Playa Del Carmen scene, and we explored the beauty of Mexico and it's culture at Xcaret. Now it is time to head back to the jungle and get some rest. Tomorrow is our last full day in Mexico and I am starting the day of with another incredible massage. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mexico Day 4 - Yal Ku Lagoon

We had a very leisurely morning at Villas Flamingo. We are checking out around 11am and it will be difficult to leave this beautiful location. We were up to see the sun rise from our bedroom balcony, then we spent some time down at the beach and we went for a swim. My dad met us at the villa and we were in for another lovely treat. Down the road from Villas Flamingo is an amazing lagoon. We got our snorkel gear together and headed down the road to Yal Ku Lagoon. The moment we arrived I was in awe. This land is incredible. 

Before we snorkeled, we took a walk around the property admiring all of the beautiful sculptures.

These sculptures are truly magnificent, and they are scattered throughout the property. I'd say there are around 30.

Snorkeling in the Lagoon was different than any other place I have snorkeled. In fact, I have never snorkeled in a Lagoon. 

 It was a bit crispy out so Pat & I had to wear t-shirts to protect our pale skin from the hot sun.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mexico - Day 3 Half Moon Bay

We were treated to a big Surprise during our trip. My mom & dad reserved us a villa on the beach at Half Moon Bay at Villas Flamingo. We had our own private villa, pool and beach. It was Amazing! This area of Akumal is full of private multi million dollar homes. Each one is completely different and unique from the last. We picked up the key to our villa around noon and opened the door to a beautiful beach house. 

Our Private Villa at Villas Flamingo

After exploring this beautiful villa and taking it all in, we walked a few steps down to the beach. We snorkeled in the crystal clear water, took a dip in the pool and lounged on our private cabanas. This was the most relaxed that we have both been since Hawaii. 

Patrick Snorkeling

After a fantastic and relaxing day, we meet up with my dad and headed out for an incredible dinner at Lol Ha. 

After dinner Patrick & I headed back to our beach villa for the night. It was just as beautiful at night.